Laughter is medicine

Knock knock, Whose there….
Five to One…
“Five to One” who?…
Five to one,… those released Taliban detainees don’t believe in Indian giving! -sB

Wait for it……..

Q: Ok, what’s blue, red, orange, green, yellow and pink…and smiling?
A: Your kids lips after getting out the car with an empty bag of Skittles. -sB

Wait, wait…..

Walker#1: “giggling”…
Walker#2: what’s funny?

Walker#1: …nothing…
Walker#2: So, why the giggles

Walker#1: Well, I thought about picking up our pace but didn’t know how to ask…
Walker#2: But we just finished eating that big meal…the buritto, remember? The corn, the beans, the rice,….

Walker#1: “giggling”…
Walker#2: ok…faster it is…

Aaah- haaaah…  -sB


Mentor or mental? Do you know who you are modeling your life after?

Dennis Rodman has a following. As corny as his basketball game seemed to be, he still was inducted into the Hall of Fame with those skillsets. He even took a stab at humanitarianism and entrepreneurism, by heading over to North Korea and giving them some publicity…. well, ok we all know how that turned out yet… Somebody is emulating him today. Goes to show that imperfectness is also a leader.

I can’t say that I have one role model, there have been men that have come in my life and have spoken some remarkable principles and concepts to me. They have been wise men, and strong men, family man, and faith filled men, but I don’t know that any one particular one stands out “head and antlers” above the rest. George Mitchell was an incredible man in my life… I feel that my biological dad is a fantastic man….such a giver in years past.

Jesus stands out to me…but I’ve read the book. He was one of a kind (I mean if you were born without sperm and egg in a virgin, that means your real parent is God..the Creator.) I can’t compete with that start.  His earthly parents were really step parents…. they were hosts, they were team players, partners, coaches, facilitators….and at the same time…. spectators. Sounds like God’s plan to me.

What has happened to actual parenting? Trial and error! It has become a case study in mental dysfunction, leading to disorder! No longer a “village raised” concept. Imagine…. two broken females trying to raise a son to be a man…without a man! It’s as broken in an LGBT value system as it is in a single parenting one.

How about this, imagine for a second that you are an offended parent tying the step parents hands behind their back (with the offending parents trial and error selfishness), while asking them to understand why you are complaining about how long they take, or how they fail to display affection, or how ambitious they are not, or how they don’t listen to your every breath,  or how they don’t choose to agree with you most of the time. What a parent?!?! Who was your mentor?? How do you expect them to do anything with their hands tied?!? You need help….
Oh, has replaced parenting. I almost forgot. Through pride and apathy…parents let the tv tube babysit far too long. Cartoons written without wholesome family values..become idols in kids minds….and hard to shake off. Kids grow “indifferent” and they don’t even know it….because cartoons are that way…. indifferent to pain, loss, death, values… when kids become teens and young adults, their indifference begins eroding there lives…if unchecked, could get fatal.

Technology with all it’s facts, figures, followers….. but no character building. Self-denial, self-centered, self-supporting, self-indulged, self-absorbed, self-made…
Self self self selfselfselfselfselfse…….. oh, here’s one….selfish.

Yep..and if your in your feelings…it’s because it’s written all over your face right now…you just didn’t know it.

So, if your mentor is someone that’s not stronger than you, bigger than you, better than you, faster than you, smarter than you,  even if its you… then you are FOOLING YOURSELF.

You may want to reconsider how you choose your mentor(s), because at this stage, dude you are the blind leading the blind. Add indifference to blind leadership….and you get a ship about to run aground in shallow waters….with a captain about to bail ship before the women and kids! Remember….the selfishness that’s marinating inside, remember.

Good news is God can change that in you. You can’t do it without Him. And He’s the only one who can. It’s only your fault if you don’t let Him do it. It’s not your fault to start out “jacked up”…. but it is your fault to run, hide, avoid and rebel.

Uber – America’s Fight for Freedom


San Francisco, London, France…. taxicab commissions complaining again. This news today only echoes what has happened in the past.
Seattle anarchists for Starbucks but against Uber

Nothing new under the Sun. Uber Article from 2012 outlining underlying issues
All of a sudden, taxi companies around the globe want to use social media today to promote a global complaint against a company that is simply using technology to make life simpler for the common traveler.

Yet for decades the public has cried out to these taxi cab companies complaining about the quality of the vehicles, the safety of the drivers, the failure to stop racial profiling, to cease from skipping mobility impaired ride requests, to stop harassing customers into paying cash… The list goes on. video of a recent cab fight

Yet they do not want the cameras to go inside of their offices to uncover internal workings… to discover dispatchers extorting drivers in an effort to give them more dispatched work, the outrageous cost of medallions and licensing and permits, the bribery techniques of many of these taxi companies used as a technique to control local enforcement agencies and lobbying arms. Dispatchers busted in NY sting

In the DC/Virginia area alone there was a major crack down in 2012 that shows what a taxi company and Commission can do when it is allowed to run amuck…and this with regulations in place. FBI Sting on DC Taxicab Commission

Same for Boston: Boston Taxi bust

We see what happens when SuperShuttle pays off wrongful death claims to quiet the media. SuperShuttle Fatality 2011

Yet they have a problem with transportation networks such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, ….what is that?


Recent road rage incident…

Even some limo companies have joined the bandwagon with these taxi cab companies, some of these limo companies are even buying out taxi cab companies and joining in the fray of complaints against online transportation network businesses… which, by the way, is the wave of the future.

Once again we see what the old regime considers “unfair”, and the newcomer just saying they are “the new player in town”. Taxis and Limo companies trying desperately to  keep them from competitively entering the market with its creativity. Yet they didn’t complain about grass roots rideshare efforts…until now.

So they cry out to local goverments to put a stop to this entrepreneurism…to halt their change the laws to benefit the old regime once again.

Even the media is trying to label Uber as the “worst trade of the day”. CNBC is all over this right now. CNBC on Uber protest

But we forget how taxis were not serving the public in a way to prevent persons from waiting an hour for a cab…thus the reason Uber was initially started….. as a company called Ubercab! Don’t forget about taxicabs and their citywide moratoriums: Chinatown link to Taxi Bribery

They complained about Lebron…
They complained about Amazon…
Keep on Uber-ing!!!!

Oh.. more on the recent taxi road rage epidemic. NYC incident

Distance is closer than you think!

Do you remember when it was neat to write your pen pal in elementary school? Do you remember how nice it was when you got your Valentines cards from someone in class who remained anonymous? Do you remember what it felt like to receive your mail order magazine, books, or toy order after a period of weeks when someone ordered the item by phone or postal mail? Do you remember that feeling of releasing the balloon, with the raffle ticket attached, from the lawn… and squinting to find out how far it travels.  Do you remember waiting and anticipating?


Today, mail order has gone totally tech… in bringing you an ability to get things drop shipped at home from anywhere around the world…and that sometimes for free. Whether it be  through Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Ebay or some other online store you’re just a prepaid Paypal debit card away from ownership. I have friends in the military that use Amazon for everything including Christmas gifts. Hahaha!


So what used to be distant and very time intensive, today can be done in a matter of seconds. You can contact anyone….anywhere from your own siblings…. to your parents… to your online connection overseas in a matter of seconds. Using Skype or OoVoo to video chat, or Kik to text message or Facebook to instant message… you can get to whomever you need to get to as quickly as you need to get the message to them in a matter of seconds!


Is it any wonder why excuses we make not to take action, or to find answers or to be informed are a waste of time.  Ever get the sense that “I’m just a kid”, or “I didn’t know”…seem to be evaporating in the blink of an eye? Apathy carelessness and the like don’t seem to have places to hide anymore. If you want to do something you can do it! The question remains are you courageous enough to face the truths you couldn’t handle at 15 1/2…. and how would you go about doing just that, what tools will you use to get it done?  Treasure is normally sought out by searching and digging and fracturing and mining, etc. Getting answers to lifelong questions ought to be treasure to you and worth knowing the truth about. That’s the value History plays…to speak to later generations about past truths.

Unfortunately some history is vetted, shaded, tainted, manipulated to disguise the “truth”. Oftentimes absentee parents that were pushed away from family… have to confront guilded historical perceptions of their non custodial kids who, themselves, felt too guilty to ask about the truthful causes of broken family circumstances…because of the emotional trauma it placed on the parent they were raised with that was wanting to hide the truth as long as possible. Wow!
Some have done worse though…

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.” Mahatma Ghandi

Mormons take a different approach on historical value. They have even used technological advances in a new way as they have a headstart on the tracking of ancestral genealogies of entire races of people all around the world.  Esquire Mag Article on Mormonism and DNA

Their physical archives are massive.. and now with the digital age they have made info available online. With dna mapping…some races with curly hair now discover just how closely related they are with curly haired mixed race heritage. Not so distant after all….

But can you handle…. the Truth?

Over the road … fieldnotes


You know what, it amazes me how the things I thought about as a young man in the creative arts like music, is now, afforded through technology, an opportunity to be realized, and that in really fast time.   I remember when I would use music through my boom box or even my cassette recorder/player, cutting and pasting tapes, stopping and starting the pause button to get that blend, fade in that mix… and thought I was doing something?!

But today I see the available use of technology in all kinds of ways, to include speech to text, to include on demand HD video, to include ability to self publish, ability to create audio digital files and carry them in your pocket. The list goes on and on.

So I am excited to see the possibilities of tapping into things that when I was younger I never thought I could tap into, because the technology wasn’t there. I travel often, and get a chance to see and hear a lot of things some of which are totally amazing and really makes you wonder what things are going to look like in 5 to 10 years in every arena.  I’m going to take this journey with you, I’m going to allow you to peek into and through my lens for just a brief moment and get a chance to see things from a slightly different angle, that perhaps you haven’t thought about. In doing so you may become inspired to chase your dreams with a different momentum and a different enthusiasm. It just depends on your desire and goals.

So buckle up, its click it or ticket! You ready…? Let’s get it.