Over the road … fieldnotes


You know what, it amazes me how the things I thought about as a young man in the creative arts like music, is now, afforded through technology, an opportunity to be realized, and that in really fast time.   I remember when I would use music through my boom box or even my cassette recorder/player, cutting and pasting tapes, stopping and starting the pause button to get that blend, fade in that mix… and thought I was doing something?!

But today I see the available use of technology in all kinds of ways, to include speech to text, to include on demand HD video, to include ability to self publish, ability to create audio digital files and carry them in your pocket. The list goes on and on.

So I am excited to see the possibilities of tapping into things that when I was younger I never thought I could tap into, because the technology wasn’t there. I travel often, and get a chance to see and hear a lot of things some of which are totally amazing and really makes you wonder what things are going to look like in 5 to 10 years in every arena.  I’m going to take this journey with you, I’m going to allow you to peek into and through my lens for just a brief moment and get a chance to see things from a slightly different angle, that perhaps you haven’t thought about. In doing so you may become inspired to chase your dreams with a different momentum and a different enthusiasm. It just depends on your desire and goals.

So buckle up, its click it or ticket! You ready…? Let’s get it.


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