The Role of Media: From Public Watchdog to Agenda Driven Snake in the Grass

Sifting through nonsense reporting…and finding more of the truth.

But sift you must, or just get prepared to stomach a bunch of facts and misguided innuendos. Your first encounter with the media propoganda was laced in  the cartoons you watched, and what your parents discussed in the home.

I have listened to a lot of news programs and television reporting going on decades now. I would almost say that I am a kind of connoisseur of the approaches that media takes to influence public opinion. Is it any wonder that after the Warren Commission findings were published concerning a political assassination, the media asserted different positions that gave birth to conspiracy theories which live on in confusion even today.

It’s the stuff of modern day folklore.

So, as I grow in my years of observation, I’m clearly aware that video is influenced… for the purpose of  influencing the public’s opinion, in ways that cater to individual agendas tied to the aspirations of tv networks… which themselves have political affiliations dressed as “biases”. The use of propaganda in  television and newspaper in the United States is frowned on by other countries that, by the way, also use propaganda in their own methods of influencing their cultures public opinion.

Hypocrites, yet they point the finger at the “American” propaganda machine.

Alright, moving on… so we look at the OJ trial, and we see how public opinion is influenced… even though that judge “banged the gavel” and OJ was acquitted initially. The families sought civil compensation, for which they were awarded at a later trial, and the media continue to influence public concerning his guilt. The media linked with private investigators and local law enforcement did the same type of thing to Michael Jackson in a different setting… just to get a picture if him naked.
Question: Did they do that to Sandusky? Nevermind.

Fast forward to today and the  media reported information on one particular confessed killer in Florida, who is currently (as of this blog’s writing) on death row and his claim is to be the actual murderer of Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. CNN article on Discovery Channel’s documentary It is reported that he confessed to the murders, and he even mailed an item that he took from the scene of the crime -a pendent from Nicole and sent it to his mother as a souvenir. But the media has not covered that too aggressive, and the parents of Nicole and Ron Goldman are not really interested in the outcome of this confession, because they are hurting and believe OJ is the initial cause of the intrusion.

I know for me… if I were Mr. Goldman, that I would want to know who really did it…so I don’t understand the animosity from the family if the real killer is now finally identified as not being OJ Simpson.

Unless of course, they feel obligated from a media standpoint, to be consistent with all the decades of reporting the media has done concerning the OJ trial. The fascination today with Kim Kardashian and family is sure enough connected to her father…. who was one of a OJ’s lawyers at the time.  Court TV and others reality based crime reporting had a boost from the turning point that the OJ Simpson trial produced, even to affect the use of cameras in the courtroom.

So yeah, I get it, the media definitely has a role in influencing public opinion, from which this opinion influences polls, and influences the voting booth decisions made ultimately in the upcoming elections.

During the Obama administration, I have also seen the power that the media wielded when during his first term of office, I walk into a news stand and lo and behold 50% of all the magazines had some type of image of Michelle, the kids, or the President elect on the front cover. I remember the reality show circuit that Michelle went around and gave the public a close look at her charming personality.  I was amazed at how the media backed him up, and was aggressive on the newsstand and social media networks about it.

Well, young adults and reasonable minded citizens, it made me wonder, what if the media united on civil rights reparations, or issues related to homelessness, or crime, what would occur if they were similarly united and dealt with it like they did just to get the first black president in office? More often than not, the media is in bed with certain organizations that have union ties, that could include the Taxicab Commission, the various law enforcement agencies, the building and trades commissions, political affiliations, and so on. When you see Fox News, know that they have a directly opposing view than CNN would have. Very few syndicated newsworthy reporting agencies, that have significant financial backing to keep them afloat, exist in this world. This world hates truth, and it hates God. Don’t be confused.


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