Justice denied is “Just -Us” Revived

“Mom, but that’s not fair….!”  Ever remember your earliest words describing what you felt was a sense of injustice at an early age?


It’s funny how we look to our older population for truthful answers and wholesome knowledge. One day we get disappointed, offended, experience some disenfranchised grief, maybe some even get reclusive because we trusted once, and were let down by an older generation.

Truth is….. they are only as jacked up as you and I are. It’s just, well…they have had a little more time practicing it. This doesn’t mean that all are the same, because a few…a very few seem to break rank and stand up for what is right. Our system of justice in America seems to be influenced by racial intolerance, bigotry and greed… all three existing and coexisting in our culture despite laws against their proliferation.

OJ’s case 20 yrs later
If you read the link, it should be clear that when one jurisdiction gives you a “get out of jail free” card… another jurisdiction can alter that reality with one if its own “get back in there” cards. It just needs a chance to get it done…sprinkle some classism, racism, harassment, surveillance, lies and a little misconduct…. and you can get a video to sing a different tune to the public. (You can get Rodney King to look like he was the aggressor. You could get a still photo of Dr. Martin King to look like he was littering in his own community- even under the watchful eye of the FBI.)


Dr. King removing burned cross from his own lawn… investigators must have been on a “TCH “smoke break all night to have missed the real culprits.

In that OJ article you may also get to see some of the components that are needed for fairness to even have a chance to be administered to opposing parties…. sometimes these components are tainted.

Lawyers, Legislation, Judicial facilitation, Investigations, Enforcement, Forensics…oh…and the Media all make up a segment of some of the main components. Each one of these has an individual agenda that they pursue..at times these agendas conflict with the aims of “justice”. Conflicts such as racial profiling, redlining, percentage of wrongful convictions in minority case work, prison systems heavily populated by minorities, lawyers striking deals giving up on some clients while working hard for other clients (yet taking the money from all), cops obstructing justice through planting evidence, falsification of police notes, corrupt judges called out of retirement during “witchhunts” for political goals…. I don’t have the time.

link to cflj pdf

Nothing fair there…nothing. Ever heard of CYA (cover your _ _ _). Well, you have to consider measures to ensure the truth will speak for you in a season of injustice. Can’t cry out to momma too long (for the mamma’s boys)…she can only pray for you. If you have a dad…they can pray too… depends on their connection to God. But your relationship with God becomes more and more relevant in a cold, dark world made up of systems designed to pull you down. The world loves its own (cold temporary love at best)… if you don’t join them then you’re an outcast to them. Join the winning team…. of truth and justice… not the “Just-Us” team. Find out what it takes from you to outshine dark forces, outlive short money… and to make a difference. Be the change you hope for. Jesus once told His disciples that if any man believed on the words they spoke…that He would transfer the benefits of their relationship onto that believer also. He also said He was returning to retrieve those believers.  I believe this as a choice…as I’m still learning… I have experienced remarkable favor and insight during my life challenges.
Hope you choose the right choice for your situation.


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