Don’t Judge…. Just Choose

So you like judging others lives while skipping your own?

Everyone has an opinion. Does that make everyone wrong?
Everyone has a perspective. Does that make everyone right?

If you subscribe to a weaker set of morals and values than the next person, does that make you less valuable an opinionated person than the one subscribing to a higher code of conduct?

So, you wanna judge, huh?

What standard are you using to measure your behavior by? Your imagination? Your “unstable as water” emotions? Your older “mistake riddled” relatives? Your deceased friends? Your high school and college textbooks? Your bible?

The non-violent Hindu referred to as “Ghandi” had an opinion about Jesus Christ and Christianity. Article


Tim had one too.
So does Jeff’s Blog.

With the passage of time, the addition of even more articles can effectively blur his quotes even further from the truth of its origin….eventually watering them down to a mere opinion, a myth, an intangible set of ideals wrapped up in a mere memory.

And we trust historians? I don’t think so. Gotta choose to find the truths of his life..gather a sense of what he was about. Same with Jesus. There are records of ancient data with testimonials of people….but ultimately truth is possessed by the possessor.

People have used similar methods of deception by flooding via opinions, perspectives, story telling, unsubstantiated facts offered as theories…. in watering down the truth of events…for centuries.

I struggled with conveying truths to my two siblings as they approached teen years. Their mothers (different age and ethnic origin) were fiercely adamant about covering up the truth….hiding the facts. They willingly forced their perceptions and fears upon my kids that would haunt them to this day. They altered their birth names, disguised the paternal information and ascribed their care giving to another male who’s DNA and level of love had nothing to do with my kids need for their real father who was not deceased. They were raised like I was unreachable… like I never tried to gather and embrace them,  all in an attempt by the mothers to cover up the truth. And the moms had help to do this. Can you imagine? What a conspiracy?!

Yet, God gave me an early warning prior to this baby mama drama, and I didn’t heed it. I recalled the one woman (young lady at the time) who convinced me I was the biological father of her newborn girl, even put me on the birth certificate….but married off soon after the child was born.

Took me 15 years to uncover that lie…but uncover it I finally did. I couldn’t believe the outcome at first. Next had to tell the truth to all those that believed the lie along with me for all those years.

My kids get to choose and to judge at some point. It’s the truth that will make them free eventually. In the meantime….well… God only knows. I’ve yet to see the Tiger in them (just a feminine version of Simba so far). I guess that’s as far as the mom’s and co-conspirator’s could take them. My kids were entitled to the truth.. and to my presence.

Oh I have a story…. not enough space in a blog though. True fathers… get ready, set….. grow!


Distance is closer than you think!

Do you remember when it was neat to write your pen pal in elementary school? Do you remember how nice it was when you got your Valentines cards from someone in class who remained anonymous? Do you remember what it felt like to receive your mail order magazine, books, or toy order after a period of weeks when someone ordered the item by phone or postal mail? Do you remember that feeling of releasing the balloon, with the raffle ticket attached, from the lawn… and squinting to find out how far it travels.  Do you remember waiting and anticipating?


Today, mail order has gone totally tech… in bringing you an ability to get things drop shipped at home from anywhere around the world…and that sometimes for free. Whether it be  through Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Ebay or some other online store you’re just a prepaid Paypal debit card away from ownership. I have friends in the military that use Amazon for everything including Christmas gifts. Hahaha!


So what used to be distant and very time intensive, today can be done in a matter of seconds. You can contact anyone….anywhere from your own siblings…. to your parents… to your online connection overseas in a matter of seconds. Using Skype or OoVoo to video chat, or Kik to text message or Facebook to instant message… you can get to whomever you need to get to as quickly as you need to get the message to them in a matter of seconds!


Is it any wonder why excuses we make not to take action, or to find answers or to be informed are a waste of time.  Ever get the sense that “I’m just a kid”, or “I didn’t know”…seem to be evaporating in the blink of an eye? Apathy carelessness and the like don’t seem to have places to hide anymore. If you want to do something you can do it! The question remains are you courageous enough to face the truths you couldn’t handle at 15 1/2…. and how would you go about doing just that, what tools will you use to get it done?  Treasure is normally sought out by searching and digging and fracturing and mining, etc. Getting answers to lifelong questions ought to be treasure to you and worth knowing the truth about. That’s the value History plays…to speak to later generations about past truths.

Unfortunately some history is vetted, shaded, tainted, manipulated to disguise the “truth”. Oftentimes absentee parents that were pushed away from family… have to confront guilded historical perceptions of their non custodial kids who, themselves, felt too guilty to ask about the truthful causes of broken family circumstances…because of the emotional trauma it placed on the parent they were raised with that was wanting to hide the truth as long as possible. Wow!
Some have done worse though…

Remember that all through history, there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible. But in the end, they always fall. Always.” Mahatma Ghandi

Mormons take a different approach on historical value. They have even used technological advances in a new way as they have a headstart on the tracking of ancestral genealogies of entire races of people all around the world.  Esquire Mag Article on Mormonism and DNA

Their physical archives are massive.. and now with the digital age they have made info available online. With dna mapping…some races with curly hair now discover just how closely related they are with curly haired mixed race heritage. Not so distant after all….

But can you handle…. the Truth?